How to deal with a liquid package discovered on Royal Mail Group premises

Before proceeding or calling 999, you must conduct a risk assessment and call Central Postal Control (CPC) on 0345 266 1060 to agree how to proceed.

If CPC agree that the item is suspicious, you should follow the instructions below to ensure the safety of your people.


If you touch the package take special care not to touch other body parts, such as your eyes or nose.


Wash your hands as soon as possible, but do not wash your face unless it has been in contact with the liquid.


If clothing is heavily contaminated, do not attempt to wash off any liquid – it is better to remove the clothing carefully. Have a regard for modesty and provide coats/overalls if necessary.

Respond appropriately

Take immediate safety measures
  • Ensure the item has been set down carefully on the nearest flat surface – the floor will do.  Do not try to cover it or put it in a bag.  Do not bend, squeeze, flex or pinch the item.
  • Establish a 20m exclusion zone and restrict movement on the floor to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Emphasise to those that were in the 20m exclusion zone, the importance of not mixing with others.
Call CPC to decide how to proceed

Brief Central Postal Control (CPC) on the situation and get its advice on how to proceed.

If CPC agree that the item may pose a risk

Shut down nearby machinery

Maintain operation in unaffected areas as best as possible.

Call and support the police

If CPC do not agree the item poses a risk

Close the incident

If in doubt at any stage always call Central Postal Control (CPC)

Central Postal Control deals with issues on a regular basis and will be able to talk you through how to deal with any situation.