How to deal with a health alert

A health alert may occur nationally, locally or within a workplace. Follow the instructions below to deal with each of these situations.

National health alert

Follow instructions issued by Central Postal Control (CPC)

In the event of a national health alert, CPC will issue specific instructions.

Local health alert

Person in Control (PiC) contacted by local public health services (communicable disease control) to advise of possible or actual health alert

Report details of communication

Report details of communication (person / number / advice / instructions) to Head of Health & Wellbeing and follow advice. If you work for PFW also notify Ops Control.

Workplace health alert

A team member is taken acutely ill at work (or reports a sickness subsequently), and there is suspicion that the cause may be at the workplace.

Establish why the workplace is suspected
  • Are other people affected with similar symptoms?
  • What caused the workplace to be suspected in the first place?
  • Are there other similar cases in the community?
If you don't believe the cause is related to the workplace

Take no further action but keep situation under review.

If you believe the cause is related to the workplace
  • Refer team member to GP or hospital.
  • Contact local public health department if any concerns about a workplace cause.
  • Report your concerns to CPC and Ops Control (if you work for PFW).
Conduct a formal review

Once the incident is over the PiC must:

  • conduct a formal review, seek to identify improvement opportunities

If in doubt at any stage always call Central Postal Control (CPC)

Central Postal Control deals with issues on a regular basis and will be able to talk you through how to deal with any situation.