0345 266 1060

Call and support the police

Before proceeding or calling 999, you must conduct a risk assessment and call Central Postal Control (CPC) on 0345 266 1060 to agree how to proceed.

If CPC agree that the package is suspicious – or if people are in need of urgent medical attention – you should follow the instructions below to alert Police and support them in their investigation.



Once the Police are on site they assume command. Assist the Police as required, but if you are not happy with the Police response, report it to Central Postal Control (CPC).


Remember to let Central Postal Control (CPC) know the outcome of the Police assessment and keep in contact if there are any further developments.

Call and support the Police

Liaise with the police and ensure the wellbeing of your people.

Call 999

Report Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear (CBRN) package/location and request Police attendance with CBRN training.

Inform CPC

Inform CPC that you have called 999, and update them on the situation.

Inform your health & safety representative

Brief them on the situation, and let them know that Police have been called.

Brief your people

While you are waiting for the Police to attend, let your people know what is happening, as follows:

  • A suspect package has been found and we are taking practical steps to protect your safety and welfare.
  • Trained Police have been called and they will advise us on the next steps.
Record decisions and actions

Record any decisions or actions that you or the Police make. This will form the incident log that can be reviewed at the end of the incident.

Help Police to assess the situation

Meet the Police and brief them on the situation.

The Police will make an assessment of the situation, and the following includes some of their typical responses:

Scenario 1

Police advise that no further action is required.

Scenario 2

Police want to examine the package or powder in more detail. This may require experts to attend on site.

Scenario 3

Police implement a cordon which may result in a partial or full evacuation of the building, site or surrounding area.

Scenario 4:

Police do not believe there is any inherent danger with the item but would like to gather evidence to assist in progressing a criminal investigation, eg. serial hoaxer, and may send it to a Police laboratory for further testing.

Scenario 5

Very rarely the Police will have intelligence to suggest that the item may pose a potential risk and will send it to a national government laboratory for urgent analysis.

Keep your people informed of developments

If the Police decide to evacuate, advise your people as follows:

  • The Police have decided to evacuate the building / site / area
  • All people with specific roles or duties, ie. Fire Wardens and First Aiders should report to ___________________. (Specify who and where)
  • Please do not leave the evacuation point or re-enter the building until you are told to do so.

If the item has been sent away for analysis:

  • Ask the Police why
  • Brief your people accordingly.

If CPC or the Police advise that the item is no longer suspicious


Close the incident

If in doubt at any stage always call Central Postal Control (CPC)

Central Postal Control deals with issues on a regular basis and will be able to talk you through how to deal with any situation.