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How to deal with a fuel spill

The instructions below explain how to deal with a fuel spill.

Maintain the spillage
  • Stop further spillage if safe to do so (i.e. shut the valve).
  • Prevent spillage entering gullies, drains and vulnerable areas (i.e. grassland, ditches, rivers etc.) using spill kits and drain covers.
  • Cordon off the spillage area.
Report incident


  •  Notify P&FS Helpdesk- tell them
    • what has happened?
    • What has been done to manage the spill?
    • The estimated volume of oil, fuel, AdBlue, chemical spilt (or area covered by spill).
    • Location of spillage and any affected drains using a site plan.
    • Be very clear about whether or not the spillage has entered a drain.
    • Contact details for an available person at site to deal with further queries/action
    • Report the spill via ERICA
    • Any reporting to external parties will be dealt with centrally
    • Where an Enforcing Authority ( Health and Safety Executive (or NIHSE), Police, Local Authority Environmental Health Officer, Environmental Agency (or NIEA) Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) ) attends site:
      • Notify P&FSHelpdesk
      • Make the Unit Manager/PIC aware
      • Politely request identification and reason for the visit.
      • Sign in and induct the Inspector to the site.
      • For more details see SHEI 10.3 – Engaging with Enforcement Authorities.
Follow-up actions


  • Should anyone else in the business be notified? For Example:
    • Fuel/AdBlue/Oil loss is from bulk storage- contact Fleet and Maintenance Services-
    • Fuel Supply Team Operational Control where spill at PFW sites
    • CPC – where there is an operational impact.
    • Ensure prompt removal of used clean-up materials – report delays to P&FS Helpdesk
    • Scan and send waste paperwork (i.e. consignment note) to rmwebsites@ndc-uk.co.uk
    • Order more spill kits
    • Co-operate throughout any formal incident review.

If in doubt at any stage always call Central Postal Control (CPC)

Central Postal Control deals with issues on a regular basis and will be able to talk you through how to deal with any situation.