How to deal with severe building damage

Severe building damage may be a result of vehicle impact, roof damage, structural failure or storm damage. If you have the opportunity and it is safe to do so, identify the location and cause of the incident.

If the damage puts people in immediate danger then follow the evacuation procedures below. Otherwise safeguard the immediate area and assets (if it is safe to do so) and consider turning the power off.

If people are injured or at risk

Notify Emergency Services - if appropriate

Tell them the nature of the incident and that you have decided to evacuate.

If evacuation is required

How to manage an evacuation

If evacuation is not required and it is safe to do so

Make an assessment of the damage and report to P&FS helpdesk

Make arrangements to meet and manage any contractors

If the operation is impacted

Report to your line manager & CPC

Make arrangements for contingency arrangements especially for priority products & contracts.

If in doubt at any stage always call Central Postal Control (CPC)

Central Postal Control deals with issues on a regular basis and will be able to talk you through how to deal with any situation.