How to deal with a serious accident

If a fatal or serious accident occurs to an employee or third-party (such as a member of the public or contractor) you should follow the instructions below.

Dial 999

Explain the nature of the incident and ask for assistance.

Arrange first aid

  • Provide or arrange first aid for the injured person.
  • Cordon off the area as best you can.

Report the accident

  • Notify Central Postal Control (CPC).
  • Notify Ops Control if you work for PFW.
  • Notify the Regional Line Director. (AGM if you work for PFW)
  • Notify the Regional Safety Director.

Begin local accident investigation

Conduct a formal review

Once the incident is over the PiC must:

  • conduct a formal review, seek to identify improvement opportunities

Note: The types of serious accident requiring immediate notification include:

  • fatality,
  • life threatening or life changing injuries to either an employee or a third party,
  • accidents likely to result in major press coverage or major business liability,
  • reportable dangerous occurrences, such as a major scaffolding collapse, large-scale failure of lifting or lift equipment, or a major fire.

This process still applies if the employee or third-party dies, or their condition seriously deteriorates some time after the accident.

If in doubt at any stage always call Central Postal Control (CPC)

Central Postal Control deals with issues on a regular basis and will be able to talk you through how to deal with any situation.

0345 266 1060